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Quemado Population

All Quemado population data above are from the US Census Bureau.

The population data for Quemado are from the Census' American Community Survey 2017 5-year estimates and the Census' 2017 Population Estimates. The demographic data for Aguilares, Airport Heights, Amargosa, Amaya, Amistad, Arroyo Colorado Estates, Arroyo Gardens, Benjamin Perez, Bigfoot, Bonanza Hills, Botines, Box Canyon, Boys Ranch, Browndell, Bruni, Butterfield, Casa Blanca, Casas, Catarina, Chaparrito, Chapeno, Chula Vista, Chula Vista, Concepcion, Corral City, Coupland, Cumings, Cuney, Dayton Lakes, Del Mar Heights, Del Sol, Delmita, Domino, Dorchester, El Brazil, El Camino Angosto, El Castillo, El Chaparral, El Indio, El Rancho Vela, El Refugio, El Socio, Elbert, Elias-Fela Solis, Encino, Eugenio Saenz, Evergreen, Fabrica, Falcon Mesa, Falcon Village, Falconaire, Falman, Fernando Salinas, Flor del Rio, Flowella, Fowlerton, Garceno, Garciasville, Girard, Goodrich, Green Valley Farms, Guadalupe Guerra, Gutierrez, H. Cuellar Estates, Havana, Hilltop, Hungerford, Hunters Creek Village, Iglesia Antigua, Jardin de San Julian, Juarez, La Chuparosa, La Coma, La Escondida, La Esperanza, La Feria North, La Loma de Falcon, La Paloma Addition, La Paloma Ranchettes, La Rosita, Lago, Lago Vista, Lake Meredith Estates, Lake View, Laredo Ranchettes, Las Lomitas, Las Palmas, Las Palmas II, Las Quintas Fronterizas, Loma Grande, Loma Linda, Loma Linda West, Loma Vista, Lopeño, Los Altos, Los Arrieros, Los Barreras, Los Corralitos, Los Ebanos, Los Huisaches, Los Minerales, Los Nopalitos, Los Veteranos II, Los Ybanez, Lozano, Manuel Garcia, Mikes, Miller's Cove, Moore, Moraida, Morales-Sanchez, Mullin, Mustang, Nesbitt, Netos, New Falcon, Neylandville, Nina, Normanna, North Escobares, Novice, O'Brien, Oak Island, Olivia Lopez de Gutierrez, Orason, Pablo Pena, Paisano Park, Pena, Piney Point Village, Port Mansfield, Porter Heights, Putnam, Quail, Quesada, Radar Base, Ramireno, Ramirez-Perez, Ramos, Ranchitos East, Ranchitos del Norte, Rancho Chico, Rancho Viejo, Rangerville, Ratamosa, Realitos, Redford, Regino Ramirez, Relampago, Rivereno, Salineño, Salineño North, Sammy Martinez, Samnorwood, San Carlos I, San Carlos II, San Fernando, Sandia, Sanford, Santa Anna, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, Seco Mines, South Fork Estates, South La Paloma, Spade, Stonewall, Sun Valley, Sunset, Taft Southwest, Thompsonville, Tierra Bonita, Toco, Toyah, Tradewinds, Tulsita, Uncertain, Uvalde Estates, Valentine, Valle Vista, Victoria Vera, Villa del Sol, Villarreal, Westdale, Westlake, Westminster, Yznaga, Zapata Ranch, and Zarate are the most current, comparable demographics available from the US Census Bureau, are from the American Community Survey 2017 5-year estimates, and were downloaded on 6 December 2018. Check out our FAQ section for more details.

Quemado Demographics Summary

population icon Population

With 160 people, Quemado is the 1334th most populated city in the state of Texas out of 1,711 cities. But watch out, Quemado, because Miller's Cove with 159 people and Sanford with 158 people are right behind you.

race icon Race & Ethnicity

The largest Quemado racial/ethnic groups is Hispanic (100.0%)

income icon Median Income

In 2017, the median household income of Quemado residents was $13,508. Quemado households made slightly more than Aguilares households ($0), Airport Heights households ($0), Amargosa households ($0), Amaya households ($0), Amistad households ($0), Arroyo Colorado Estates households ($0), Arroyo Gardens households ($0), Benjamin Perez households ($0), Bigfoot households ($0), Bonanza Hills households ($0), Botines households ($0), Box Canyon households ($0), Boys Ranch households ($0), Browndell households ($0), Bruni households ($0), Butterfield households ($0), Casa Blanca households ($0), Casas households ($0), Catarina households ($0), Chaparrito households ($0), Chapeno households ($0), Chula Vista CDP households ($0), Chula Vista households ($8,846), Concepcion households ($0), Corral City households ($0), Coupland households ($0), Cumings households ($0), Cuney households ($0), Dayton Lakes households ($0), Del Mar Heights households ($0), Delmita households ($0), Del Sol households ($0), Domino households ($0), Dorchester households ($0), Elbert households ($0), El Brazil households ($0), El Camino Angosto households ($0), El Castillo households ($0), El Chaparral households ($0), Elias-Fela Solis households ($0), El Indio households ($0), El Rancho Vela households ($0), El Refugio households ($0), El Socio households ($0), Encino households ($0), Eugenio Saenz households ($0), Evergreen households ($0), Fabrica households ($0), Falconaire households ($0), Falcon Mesa households ($0), Falcon Village households ($0), Falman households ($0), Fernando Salinas households ($0), Flor del Rio households ($0), Flowella households ($0), Fowlerton households ($0), Garceno households ($0), Garciasville households ($0), Girard households ($0), Goodrich households ($0), Green Valley Farms households ($0), Guadalupe Guerra households ($0), Gutierrez households ($0), Havana households ($0), H. Cuellar Estates households ($0), Hilltop CDP households ($0), Hungerford households ($0), Hunters Creek Village households ($0), Iglesia Antigua households ($0), Jardin de San Julian households ($0), Juarez households ($0), La Chuparosa households ($0), La Coma households ($0), La Escondida households ($0), La Esperanza households ($0), La Feria North households ($0), Lago households ($0), Lago Vista households ($0), Lake Meredith Estates households ($0), Lake View households ($0), La Loma de Falcon households ($0), La Paloma Addition households ($0), La Paloma Ranchettes households ($0), Laredo Ranchettes households ($0), La Rosita households ($0), Las Lomitas households ($0), Las Palmas households ($0), Las Palmas II households ($0), Las Quintas Fronterizas households ($0), Loma Grande households ($0), Loma Linda households ($0), Loma Linda West households ($0), Loma Vista households ($0), Lopeño households ($0), Los Altos households ($0), Los Arrieros households ($0), Los Barreras households ($0), Los Corralitos households ($0), Los Ebanos CDP households ($0), Los Huisaches households ($0), Los Minerales households ($0), Los Nopalitos households ($0), Los Veteranos II households ($0), Los Ybanez households ($0), Lozano households ($0), Manuel Garcia households ($0), Mikes households ($0), Moore households ($0), Moraida households ($0), Morales-Sanchez households ($0), Mullin households ($0), Mustang households ($0), Nesbitt households ($0), Netos households ($0), New Falcon households ($0), Neylandville households ($0), Nina households ($0), Normanna households ($0), North Escobares households ($0), Novice households ($0), Oak Island households ($0), O'Brien households ($0), Olivia Lopez de Gutierrez households ($0), Orason households ($0), Pablo Pena households ($0), Paisano Park households ($0), Pena households ($0), Piney Point Village households ($0), Porter Heights households ($0), Port Mansfield households ($0), Putnam households ($0), Quail households ($0), Quesada households ($0), Radar Base households ($0), Ramireno households ($0), Ramirez-Perez households ($0), Ramos households ($0), Ranchitos del Norte households ($0), Ranchitos East households ($0), Rancho Chico households ($0), Rancho Viejo CDP households ($0), Rangerville households ($0), Ratamosa households ($0), Realitos households ($0), Redford households ($0), Regino Ramirez households ($0), Relampago households ($0), Rivereno households ($0), Salineño households ($0), Salineño North households ($0), Sammy Martinez households ($0), Samnorwood households ($0), San Carlos I households ($0), San Carlos II households ($0), Sandia households ($0), San Fernando households ($0), Santa Anna CDP households ($0), Santa Cruz households ($0), Santa Monica households ($0), Seco Mines households ($0), South Fork Estates households ($0), South La Paloma households ($0), Spade households ($0), Stonewall households ($0), Sunset CDP households ($0), Sun Valley households ($0), Taft Southwest households ($0), Thompsonville households ($0), Tierra Bonita households ($0), Toco households ($0), Toyah households ($0), Tradewinds households ($0), Tulsita households ($0), Uncertain households ($0), Uvalde Estates households ($0), Valentine households ($0), Valle Vista households ($0), Victoria Vera households ($0), Villa del Sol households ($0), Villarreal households ($0), Westdale households ($0), Westlake households ($0), Westminster households ($0), Yznaga households ($0), Zapata Ranch households ($0), and Zarate households ($0) . However, 63.8% of Quemado residents live in poverty.

age icon Median Age

The median age for Quemado residents is 67.4 years young.


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